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About Me


I am Brittany Largent, a Certified Lactation Counselor. As a breastfeeding mama, I have come across many challenges on my journey. Early on, I encountered countless amounts of misinformation and contradictions that left me puzzled. I had so many questions that I found myself frantically googling, only to wind up feeling even less confident and empowered than I did before.

I decided that I wanted to have more of an understanding of what exactly breastfeeding was. When I finally decided to dive deeper into the world of liquid gold, I felt the passion ignite within. I was completely immersed in my studies, experiencing and practicing the very thing that I was learning! The more I learned, the more I wanted to be the support that I had been longing for. 

With a background in yoga and mindfulness, I encourage mindfulness techniques to dive into a deeper connection with yourself and your baby. I am here mama, to empower and support you on this journey you have always dreamed about.

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